We develop and support startups
using Scrum and DevOps methodology.

We specialize in development and support of major, highly loaded Internet projects. Are you looking for an experienced team to develop and support your startup? Here we are. Let’s be acquainted.


We develop projects in Ruby and PHP using frameworks. We prefer Ruby on Rails and Yii, but also work with Laravel, Zend Framework, Symfony. In our work we use open source solutions.

How do we work?

Thanks to a smoothly running process, we continuously develop with a constant speed. In our work, we use development through testing, version control and code review, as well as continuous integration. We work using Scrum methodology. You get results every two weeks and, if necessary, change requirements in the course of work.


Based on your idea, we can help you choosing the right tools, evaluating labor cost and determining development stages of your project.


A prototype allows getting a completed project model, testing it in operation, looking at the project from the point of view of the user, identifying and correcting design errors prior to the launch of development.


Project design is created based on completed prototype — a common style is developed and design of each section is worked through taking into account various devices (PC, tablet, mobile phone).


The designed project design is subject to adaptive, valid layout, taking into account browser features and standards. The project is made up in a manner providing versatility and convenience for further project support.


We develop project architecture, and program project functionality on the basis of completed layout. The development is conducted through testing (TDD) using framework. We take into account scalability of the project. The code is programmed according to the standards and documented. It results in a competently designed, high-quality code that is easy to support and develop.


The project developed is tested at a closed site. Usability, operability and performance is tested. Errors are identified and corrected, and the project is brought to a commercial status.


Automatic project packaging is configured. The project developed is placed in the public domain. It is supported, maintained and developed further.

We are trustworthy

Customers appreciate us because we treat the tasks informally and follow the work through.

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